right to rent checks for landlords

Let us help you bypass the “right to rent” checks

As most landlords will be aware, on the 1st of February the Government has started the Right to Rent Checks on all rental properties across the UK.This means that the landlord bears the responsibility for ensuring the tenant is legally allowed to be in the UK and to rent a property.

How to conduct Right to Rent?

Taken from the Gov.uk website, you will need to:

  • Check which adults will live at your property as their only or main home.
  • See the original documents that allow the tenant to live in the UK.
  • Check that the documents are genuine and belong to the tenant, with the tenant present.
  • Make and keep copies of the documents and record the date you made the check.

You can be fined up to £3,000 for renting your property to someone who isn’t allowed to rent property in England.

Let us eliminate this worry for you by doing this work on your behalf. We have fully trained OISC staff that are able to check whether the tenants has the right to rent a property in the UK. Get in touch and we’ll explain how we we do this.

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