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Convention Travel Document and Passports

convention travel document imageIs the Convention Travel Document the right one? Or is it the Certificate of Travel?

There can be some confusion for non-British individuals and families as to what document they can apply for if they wish to travel outside of the UK (and cannot get a passport from their birth country).

Let’s first discuss what types of documents exist.

At time of writing, there are four different types of travel documents that an individual can apply for, depending on which category they fall under.

This is shown in the table below.

RefugeeStatelessYou want to leave and not come backRefused a passport by your own national authorities
Convention travel documentStateless person’s documentOne-way document (also known as an IS137)Certificate of travel

Eligibility and Minimum Criteria

To be eligible for one of the above, you will need to be in the UK and to meet one of the criteria below:

  • you have permission to stay as a refugee or stateless person
  • you have humanitarian protection for a limited time after a failed asylum application
  • you have discretionary leave for a limited time after a failed asylum application
  • you’re settled here permanently (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’)

You must show that you’ve formally applied for and been unreasonably refused a passport by authorities in your country, unless you have permission to be in the UK as a refugee or stateless person.

Fees payable to the Home Office

Assuming you were born after 1929, you will need to pay the following amounts for each document. This is a fee collected by the Home Office and must be paid upon application:

TypeAdult FeeChild Fee (15 or under)
Convention Travel Document£72£46
Stateless person’s document£72£46
One way Document (IS137)£72£46
Certificate of travel£267£134

How to apply for a travel document

brp for refugees frontIndividuals will need to fill the TD112 BRP form and then send it to the Home Office with accompanying documents. This can be filled in online or sent via post if it’s a new document or if your existing document has expired.

You will need to have received your biometric residence permit (BRP) which should be up to date. If you are applying for a one-way document (IS137), then you will not need to obtain a BRP.

Please note that some countries will not accept a travel document if there are less than 6 months left on the ‘leave to remain’ date. Please check with the relevant country to ensure you are able to travel.

Family applications to travel

If you are applying as a family, then you can send all the applications in one envelope and they will be dealt with at the same time. Bear in mind that you must include separate applications and there are no discounts for family applications.

We can help you get the right document

Our OISC registered colleagues can help you to make an application for a travel document and if needed, challenge decisions by way of appeal.

We do charge for the travel document service, but we are definitely the lowest when it comes to a paid service.

We assist by doing the following:

  • Pre-advise you over the phone or in person if our service is right for you
  • Ensure that we can undertake your case. If we cannot, then we will tell you at the beginning
  • Asking the relevant questions to understand your specific case
  • Gather the right documents needed
  • Advise you of the possible outcomes
  • Complete the application on your behalf
  • Submit the application to the right department at the Home Office
  • Chase up with the right departments to get an outcome as soon as possible
  • Provide follow up advice and offer relevant services once a decision has been made

Immigration solicitor services at a fraction of the cost

We can offer the same service as immigration solicitors for a travel document but at a much cheaper price. We do this by focussing our service online and by not having a high street presence. Naturally, solicitors are very expensive and charge accordingly.

Can I get free assistance for my document applications?

Yes, of course. You can complete the travel document yourself if you are confident of filling in the application.

There is no need for you to pay solicitors or third-party services like ourselves to complete this task.

You can also ask the Red Cross to help you with the Convention Travel Document which is offered free of charge, but please note that they have long waiting times.

For further reading on what travel documents are suitable for you, please visit the Home Office guide.

Current Home Office Travel Document waiting time

If you have already done your biometrics, the current travel document processing time is 7 weeks.

While this timeframe is subject to change at any time, it is correct as of