Since we don’t operate like a traditional lettings agent, below are some answers to questions landlords have posed to us. Please click on a question and the answer will be on a reveal.

If there is anything below which doesn’t address any queries you may have, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I let my house to type of tenants that Stride Partnership solely works with?

What type of experience do you have with this tenant type?

I’ve heard horror stories of asylum seekers and refugees leaving the house in a poor condition. Is this true?

If I wished to exit the lease, what are the conditions to do so?

Why should I let to this type of tenant?

You don’t have any management costs, any advertising costs or other lettings fees that other lettings agents charge. How do you do this?

Who will be my tenants? Stride Partnership or individual refugees that I need to speak to?

How long is the lease with Stride Partnership?

How are you able to do this? Is this how you ensure constant occupancy?

What kind of rent do you offer?

I’ve never heard of a CIC when it comes to lettings agents. What does this mean?

What will I need to let the property out?

What areas do you cover?

What’s the next step and how quickly can I start?