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What can we offer to landlords?

We want to work with landlords that have a social compass. As an added bonus, by virtue of being a specialist within a niche tenant type, we can offer guaranteed rent with no voids for 3 to 5 years. So, how do we differ from traditional lettings agencies?
Traditional Lettings
Stride Partnership CIC
Tenant finders fee (Usually 1 month rent)
No tenant finders fee; no set up costs
Up to 8 weeks initial empty period to find tenant
Tenant from day 1
8 to 15% management fee
No management fees
Inventory fees
No inventory fees as we provide them
Tenancy renewal fees
No tenancy renewal fee
Non-paying tenant issues causing rent arrears
Guaranteed rent for 3 to 5 years
Void periods between tenancies
No void periods for the contract duration
Dealing with tenants and issues
No hassle to you – we deal with everything! (SEE BELOW)
Property left in poor condition
We agree to hand over property back in the same condition

How do we support our tenants more than a traditional lettings agent?

Are you the right type of landlord for us?

How are we so sure of guaranteeing the rent?