filling in a travel document with help from a solicitor

Get Help With Home Office Travel Document Form

If you need help with filling in and submitting the Home Office TD112 BRP Form, then we are inviting you to contact us.

We have now started to offer refugee travel document assistance to our clients across the UK. Costing a flat rate of £175, we are the cheapest service in the UK.

Is using a solicitor for Travel Document application necessary?

While most solicitors and practices charge anywhere between £300 to £550 for TD112 BRP Form, we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Our advisors are all OISC qualified and have the legal right to offer this service. So you could pay triple of quadruple the price that we charge, but the service will be no different.

It should be noted that we offer this service to all individuals that need it, but at peak periods we will prioritise refugees as they are our primary client group.

Can we get the travel documents back quickly?

Firstly, we are receiving them back no longer than what solicitors that offer this service can get them back. At time of writing, we are getting back 80% of successful forms within 4 weeks and 95% back within 8 weeks.

At certain periods, it can take longer – especially during special events being held in the UK that could have an impact e.g. the Olympics of 2012 in London would have caused a major delay.

Why have we started to offer this service?

There are many reasons, but the main reason being that we saw some of our clients being charged excessive amounts for something that can be done relatively easily if you have the skill set and the experience. Our OISC trained advisors, certainly have the skills and experience, so we have offered it to our employees who are now very competent.

More information about the new service we are offering can be found on the get help with travel documents page.

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