TDS Charitable Foundation Funds ‘Tenancy And Budgeting For Refugees’

Information Sessions Will Be Delivered By Stride Partnership

Stride Partnership is pleased to announce it has secured funding from TDS Charitable Foundation to provide support via information sessions for refugees. These information sessions will offer advice on ‘Tenancy and Budgeting for Refugees’ and will be an integral part of our overall programme of proactively encouraging the integration of refugees into society.

By also providing stable housing and wellbeing workshops, our goal is to allow our clients to achieve independence and self-sustainability. A major barrier encountered by newly granted refugees is the lack of historical tenant references that enables them to move into the private rented sector. Through our support, they will be able to build up a credit history and tenant history, which will directly have a positive impact on their opportunities in life.

Stride Partnership as a social enterprise provides housing and related support for refugees and asylum seekers. The organisation aims to help vulnerable people to maximise, maintain and sustain their independence through the provision of a range of innovative services and projects.

Our work focuses on five main areas: accommodation, support services, community integration, partnership working to deliver services, and refugee housing strategies. We have a combination of twenty years of experience working with the private housing market and with refugees and asylum seekers in the North West.

We believe that a refugee’s successful integration into mainstream society is dependent on them securing housing and to be able to access services which are appropriate for them. The Stride Partnership exists to help these clients to start this journey by providing housing that is secure and safe and to empower clients to integrate within society.

Nadia Shiraz, Co-Founder of Stride Partnership states that “Our aim is to empower refugees with the knowledge they need to live an independent life in the UK. This funding from TDS will positively contribute to realising our main objective, that of assisting refugees to secure accommodation and tenancies that will directly impact on their chances of transition and integration.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact Nadia Shiraz at 01942 418318 or send us an email through the contact page.

Contact: Nadia Shiraz
Telephone: 01942 418318

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