Family Reunion Visas – Full service from £600

The purpose of this page is to act as a family reunion guidance.

While it is possible to undertake the application oneself, this service has been created as we have trained consultants that are OISC Level 3 qualified, meaning we can offer a comprehensive service to rival more expensive solicitors and agencies at a much reduced price.

We primarily work with refugees and since Legal Aid for family reunion assistance was cut in 2013, we have been receiving requests to offer this service as our clients have often cited high prices when they seek assistance from solicitors and other third parties.

This page will fully outline the what is required to succeed with family reunion in the UK. If you do not feel confident in filling in the family reunion application, then we can do this for you for a from £600.00 which is the cheapest advertised paid service you will find in the entire UK.

What is a Family Reunion Visa?

As defined by the Home Office, a refugee family reunion is the legal process whereby an individual granted refugee status can apply to be reunited with his or her members of family that are outside of the recipient country. That is to say, if the individual that has been granted refugee status fled a particular country but either lost or left behind family members, can apply for their family members to be brought over to the UK to receive the same humanitarian protection.

Our OISC certified consultants follow all the required family reunion immigration rules, ensuring a professional and qualified service.

How can I apply for a Family Reunion?

If you have been awarded refugee status and you fall under the description given above, you can apply to the Home Office for this.

Under the rules, only those who were part of your family unit before you fled will be eligible to join you i.e. your existing family members at the time of departure. This includes:

  • Your spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner
  • Any children under the age of 18 at the time of fleeing a country

While other members are not discounted, such as grandparents or uncles, considerable reasoning needs to be shown that they are close members of your family before you fled.

Why should you choose Stride Partnership?

We are qualified to undertake this work and since we only work with asylum seekers and refugees, we have specialist understanding of the needs of our clients.

We offer a third option from standard routes. Normally, you can seek assistance through services that can run this service for free or provide free resources such as the Red Cross. However, they’re resources are somewhat stretched and you may struggle to get help from them. You can also seek assistance from immigration lawyers, but their fees tend to run into the thousands for a family reunion service.

You may also wish to speak to Together Now who help do great work with providing practical services with refugee family reunion applications in terms of funding travel costs.

As a third option, we can offer the same level of service but at a much reduced cost. Starting from £600, the final costs will depend on the complexity of the case. Naturally, this can be established once we’ve arranged a FREE consultation call or meeting with you to see if we can help.

In the first instance, we would recommend that you speak to the Red Cross to see if they can offer any free services. If you exhaust this option, then our service is something you should consider next.

Why should you choose Stride Partnership?

  • We will take detailed information from you in relation to your personal situation and discuss with you the immigration laws and procedure that pertain to your personal situation
  • Once we’ve established your situation, we can advise you about how viable your case is how to move forward on the reunion visa

At this moment in time, we can give you an approximate processing time for a family reunion visa and explain all application fees and our fees before we commence.

Once this initial consultation is over and we are happy to proceed, we will then request necessary documentation to begin the case and advise on matters such as if family reunion visa enables right to work in the UK etc.

Where can we offer this service?

We offer this in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford and Birmingham. However, we can also travel to meet you wherever you are in the UK and can also assist you with this remotely.